About us

PETALIDES is a newly builded luxury hotel of three generous suites in the village of Stavros Donoussa an island of small Cyclades.

The organic forms and simple design reflects a sense of heritage style and simplicity. PETALIDES enable you to enjoy all the comforts of a modern tourist facility with respect to the local tradition in a prime location with view the endless charm of blue horizon and the Cycladic landscape.

Our breakfast is based in the gastronomic wealth of our islands with dishes which are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet such as bread, honey, homemade jam, yoghurt, eggs, homemade cakes and wheat. The rooms have full kitchen facilities in order to enjoy autonomy during your vacation.

Our suites do not have a TV as we do not want to “disturb” the peace of mind during your stay. The service is available on request. All the rooms have access to the Internet via a wireless WiFi connection.


As our guest you are part of our social community in Donoussa. We have collaborated with our friends and businesses in Donoussa to welcome you as their own guest and create a special experience during your stay. You will able to receive small privileges at our farm restaurant in Kedros bay. We are also in position to arrange a number of activities like hiking or traveling around the island with a speed boat.